Steel, the prime need for modern industries, has acquired an important place in the activities of Tulsyan Group of Industries. We are engaged in extensive trading and imports of steel.

Tulsyan imports special grades of plastic granules from various countries. Steel plates are used mainly for the manufacture of bridges, steel structures, ships, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons and pressure vessels. The company also imports weatherproof steel plates for the construction of railcars. The company is currently one of the largest importer of steel plates in India with a domestic market share of more than 60 per cent for these products.




Specialty products, include electrical sheets, tin plates and pipes. Electrical sheets are cold rolled products of silicon steel for electrical machinery. Tin plates are cold rolled steel electrolytically coated with tin for food packaging. Pipes are longitudinally or spirally welded from hot rolled coils for conveying such things as water, oil and gas.

Currently we are one of the biggest importers of Tinplates in India and are also importers of specialized grades of Plastic Raw Materials.

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